Here Hello

Riots In The Rain

  • Robbie Manson
  • Iain McHugh & Molly McWhirter
  • Megan Royce & Abigail Young
  • Edward Keenan
  • Grant Miller
  • Grant Miller & Robbie Manson
  • Grant Miller
  • Kenny MacLeod
Photo of Robbie from Made Mountain

Robbie grew up in Linlithgow, Scotland, but after a few detours, now lives in London. He took up guitar at 11 and later picked up enough drums, bass, and piano to start recording demos at home on a tape recorder.

As the tape recorder became a computer, Robbie recorded as Koether in Glasgow, before founding the 4-piece Plastic Stasi and later concentrating on folk music.

Writing for the first Made Mountain album started in 2011/12, with the album being performed by Robbie and a quartet from Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. Riots In The Rain was eventually released in spring 2014.

Second album Here Hello started after the move to London in 2016. In addition to all writing and performances, Robbie took on all recording and mixing. After more than 3 years of work, the album was released on November 15th, 2019.

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